Michelle Gerrard-Marriott

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When I was a wee one I remember smelling parsley all around me. The plants towered above me and the delicate vivid green leaves brushed my cheeks and made me giggle. The soaring stems seemed to go on forever, for a little girl walking across an acre is equivalent to sailing towards the never ending horizon.  I always thrived in nature surrounded by color, sound, textures, and smells. I wanted to feel everything no matter if it was unpleasant or magnificent I wanted to experience it all. 

 I am Michelle Gerrard-Marriott creator of The Vibrant Kitchen & Home. My dream has always been to own a wellness center where I could spread my passion and love for Green luxury and healing. I have always needed to have a connection to the items that make up my home. I want to know that the items I love did not cause anyone harm.  The Vibrant Kitchen & Home is a  place where you can rest assured that all products come from artisans around the world who love their craft, and only use ingredients sourced with Fair Trade practices.  Within the pages of this website you will be taken on a journey into a brave new world.  Not only will you find products to covet, you can browse through organic vegan recipes, find interviews with your favorite brand owners, and be introduced to inspiring individuals who are changing the world around them.  

 I truly believe in the power of healing through organic whole foods, and living a life in alignment with nature. There are many misconceptions about living a green life. Living green does not mean sacrificing modern day conveniences or splendor. The most luxurious things on earth, are made from what the earth provides. Be it food, skincare, furniture, or clothing all can be made green without forgoing modern indulgences.  The Vibrant Kitchen & Home is also my  platform to give back.. The amount of people who suffer unfairly will always astound me.  We all have the ability to create a better world.  My shop donates 10% of profits to two incredible organizations. One which took me on an incredible journey to Kenya. You can learn more about this by going to the Ubuntu page.   When we lift others we lift ourselves. Together we can go farther. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete". -Richard Buckminster Fuller

Parsley Garden