Michelle Gerrard-Marriott


When I was a wee one I remember smelling parsley all around me. The plants towered above me and the delicate vivid green leaves brushed my cheeks and made me giggle. The soaring stems seemed to go on forever, for a little girl walking across an acre is equivalent to sailing towards the never ending horizon.  I always thrived in nature surrounded by color, sound, textures, and smells. I wanted to feel everything no matter if it was unpleasant or magnificent I wanted to experience it all.

 I am Michelle Gerrard-Marriott creator of The Vibrant Kitchen & Home. I am an author. An explorer. A chronic illness warrior. This space was built to hold you. To give you moments of beauty and escape. Books, services, recipes, poetry. All the things that keep us able to endure. 

 I truly believe in the power of healing through organic whole foods, and living a life in alignment with nature.  I also firmly believe that the more we care, the more we give and the more we show up for people... the more powerful we become together. My vision of wellness varies from the mainstream. We are all here to forge a better world together. I am building on a dream that will give back in extraordinary ways. I urge you to explore these pages and please contact me if you have a story you want to share or if you simply want to get to know one another on a deeper level. I am here to build a community and any chance to connect I will always embrace. Thank you for being here. 

Love you to the moon and stars,