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Twinkling blue eyes. A smile that captivates your heart and a voice that speaks with a powerful gentleness that urges you to believe in yourself and the good in the world. Brigid from Create Love Heal is a bright light in this chaotic world. She writes from the depths of her soul from her green beauty reviews to the very intimate looks into her life and loves she tells stories that you will not soon forget. She is an advocate for self-love, wellness and reducing toxic exposure in our lives in the way of products and emotions.  Get a closer look into this amazing woman’s life and soul!

Music and sounds touch me in ways that I cannot explain and most of my creative nature comes to life when I hear music that speaks to me. It’s almost uncontrollable, it just surges from me in all forms of emotions and I absolutely love every second of it.
— Brigid from Create. Love. Heal.


What inspires you daily in the world?

Sometimes I search so hard for the deeper inspirations that I can forget to stop and take a step back to admire the daily occurrences that truly are blessings. I am inspired daily by my internal drive to be better for myself and ultimately for my family. I am inspired daily to grow with my deepest relationship outside of myself - my marriage. My hubby and I are forever growing ourselves and to share that is incredible so I always want to be learning and remaining in line with my core values for personal growth, and at the end of the day be able to have a conversation with my other half that has depth and connection when it needs to.

What does nature do for your soul?

Nature is the ultimate healer, Mother Nature is my faith, she is my god outside of myself and what is on offer every single day is beyond our own small minds at times. It reminds me of the truth behind gratitude; it reminds me that we are such a small part of this transient planet; it reminds me that we are not owed, but owe our existence to what is naturally occurring around us.

It is such a soulful place to be still and quiet, but to also be loud and embrace the beauty of the rain or sunshine, to expand and express ourselves in whatever way we need to.

It is a place to remember what we are here for, who we are here for, why we are doing what we are doing and to reflect on whether it is right. It is grounding on every level, whether we realize it or not.

What does your creative process look like? Can you paint us a little picture of a typical day?

I really love this question because I don’t have an answer haha. My creative process is unbeknownst to even me. I have times when it flows right out of me effortless and other times when I feel stuck in my life and I later realize it was a creative outburst trapped inside me looking for the lesson to be learnt so it can use that as an outlet for its self proclaimed release. I am creative always, but it is in the form of words, I have come to realise, and it cannot be forced, so when I agree to do a piece for someone, I freeze up at the idea of a deadline. It just doesn’t happen. Words come out but they are jumbled and skirt around what I am trying to say. But when it happens authentically, it is therapy for me. It feels electric and magic and I feel like I have lifted a layer and moved slightly closer to my destination.

A typical day for me is up early, hopefully, getting in my morning get-ready-routine and trying to get that quiet time before the kids wake up, followed by servicing them most of the day. I do a lot of cooking and that is my ultimate way of looking after my family, so there is a lot of time spent in the kitchen. I try to get out with the kids each day somewhere fun such a as a park or the beach, a walk, but the weather is terrible at the moment so I feel like we’re hermit crabs living on top of eachother. I will also always try and get in my weight sessions and at the moment a snooze because of this human I am trying to grow. Every day is different but the same. At the end of the day I work, stretch, read, and always go to bed with a meditation which helps to keep my mind free of over analyzing and keeps me centred and heading in my direction.


If you could visit any five places in the world where would they be and why?

Canada and the Northern Lights: it has been on my wishlist since I first saw a brochure on it when I was 15yrs old. I will not die until I have been there and seen it

Ireland: for my heritage and to seek some form of spiritual connection with my ancestors

Northern Territory in Australia: where the land is vast and the raw roots of nature are abundant

Anywhere hot, summery, beachy and relaxing 

I am not a huge traveller, however I do have desires for the top 3 on my list.


What makes you feel most beautiful? And what is beauty to you?

A good tan! haha It makes me feel alive and ready to combat the world...seriously. It’s the small things. But I truthfully feel the most beautiful in either of three scenarios, which all fit into my multiple passions and possible personalities….

First is when I am giving myself some self care- a mask, a body scrub, a bath with meditation and creative thought followed by a good fake tan and skin-care routine

Second is when I am up and organized, when I exercise and am pumping out those weights while having the kids and myself organized for the day, I feel invincible and ready for anything and I truthfully feel beautiful

Third is when I am writing creatively and it is pouring from me in exactly the way it needs to. There is no greater beauty than learning within yourself and growing from it.

Beauty to me is all of the above and embracing everything that you are. It is not being confused as to what type of person you are, or where you fit in the world; I am passionate about so many things, I could be categorized a thousand time over. I used to wish I was one thing, until I began to accept that I am all things when I need to be. Nothing is forever and nothing is permanent, including our trends, our passions and our desires. Embracing and accepting yourself within each and every one is beauty to me.


Scent to me brings back memories. Are there any scents that bring you back to your childhood? Or any other special memory?  Is there a product or a line that captures this scent?

Hmm good question, I have many scents that remind me of my childhood, mostly sunscreen and the beach but I think the scents that capture me the most are the natural accents of my husband, he doesn’t wear cologne or anything so his smell reminds me of the earlier days in our relationship and what fun and free times we had.

Unfortunately not natural but certain perfumes (despite now giving me a headache) remind me of times in my life that were great – Romance by Ralph Lauren reminds me of when I was about 18-24yrs and going out with friends and certain music, dancing etc. Calvin Klein Europhoria reminds me of my trip to Hong Kong many years ago and my favourite is Bright Crystal by Versace reminds me of my wedding day; I am yet to find a non toxic perfume which reminds me of any of these but I will continue my search.

 What is green beauty to you?

Green beauty for me is about freedom to expand our minds and honour our stance on caring for ourselves and future generations through decreasing the toxic load on our bodies and ultimately easing the burden on the DNA of our unborn children. We forget, at times that we our genetic make up is passed on beyond our children and grandchildren and that the mutations and toxic filters we possess in our deeper physical being is unavoidable. It is genetic weaknesses that we are transferring willingly. I am very passionate about the effects it has and love that we are blessed with so many non toxic options now to help avoid such physical burden and ease the toxic stress on our own beings as well as those we will someday love.

Green Beauty is also a beautiful place to explore and play, which I love. It is like a beautiful, guilt free hobby that allows you to have fun, help the planet, help ourselves and be joyous in the choices we have made.

Do your children help you in creating your workshops and posts?

Not a huge amount, I tend to draw a lot more on my past experiences and relationships with various people in my life. I also draw a lot on my own personal growth and the challenges I have had to overcome in my own head and heart. I think my children have been a real catalyst for the path that has emerged before me over the past 3-4 years. Parenting brings up a lot of challenges for you and your partner to deal with and also internal battles a mother. But at the end of the day I aim to be the best I can be for myself, they simply reap the benefits of that and that is where the inspiration for my workshops and posts come from – I am forever trying to improve myself, learn lessons and share my thoughts with others who may be feeling the same.

What is your favorite season?

Summer through and through…I think the best time is that end of Spring and beginning of Summer period where it’s light and breezy yet warm and beautiful in every way. I’m a warm weather girl all the way!

Scent, sight, touch, taste, sound, out of our five senses which one is your favorite?

Sound. Music and sounds touch me in ways that I cannot explain and most of my creative nature comes to life when I hear music that speaks to me. It’s almost uncontrollable, it just surges from me in all forms of emotions and I absolutely love every second of it.

What is next for Create Love Heal? Anything in particular you are working on?

At this stage I feel I want to give more, but feel unsure of where to head with it. I definitely want to keep strongly pursuing my Self Empowerment Workshops and getting it out to more people, that is my main priority, however I feel that people are wanting more and I want to give more. I need suggestions and ideas because as I said above, I can’t force these things, I need to wait it out until the right thing comes to me and until then I love to hear others ideas and see if anything resonates with me.

On a greater scheme of things, I am in the process of planning a book. I just need to feel right about the topics, setup and the direction it will head. Once I begin something it needs to feel 100% right and I go for it and get it done. I don’t like to fluff about with a million ideas, as I get overwhelmed and often need to put it away because I can’t process it all haha

 On another note do you have a favorite vegan meal that you can’t imagine living without?

I am not vegan however I do enjoy vegan meals at times. At this point I can’t imagine living without tahini…I become obsessed with it when I’m pregnant and add it to EVERYTHING, I make vegan choc balls out of it, add it to all salads, fry it up with kale and veg, dip carrots in it….can’t live without!!!!

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Green beauty starts within and then exhales outwards. In a world filled with toxic cosmetics and skincare that are advertised to millions of women every day, there is a movement that is growing rapidly. Safe cosmetics, eco make up, green beauty; it goes by many names but we all have a common goal. We want to create beauty that is true to nature. One that enriches instead of destroys our world's delicate eco systems and our own personal wellness. I love nothing more than supporting and getting to know passionate individuals who strive to make a positive change in the world. The green beauty community is filled with an abundance of these individuals, and I want to introduce you to them. I want you to get to know them on a deeper level. I want you to understand their dreams and what they strive for in their companies. Almost everything you put on your body ends up in your body. Statistically around seventy percent! Here is to being conscious in every aspect of our lives, and yet still indulging and sharing luxurious beauty experiences. 


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